Havasupai – June 2018

Confluence Havasupai Grand Canyon

Day 1 PERMITS/CAMP SETUP We hiked in, obtained our permits (wristband), and proceeded to the campground.  We found a place next to the creek (Havasu Creek) with trees for hanging our hammocks.  We procured some 5-gallon buckets for our food (prevent the squirrels ravaging our food, especially trail mix, they love it!).  I usually prefer … Read more Havasupai – June 2018

Havasupai – May 2018

Havasu Falls, Milky Way, Havauspai

This was not my first trip to Havasupai, but it was my first trip there with three of my close guy friends.  Why does that matter, or how did that effect my trip.  There is responsibility that goes along with planning such a trip.  Permits, transportation, lodging, food, hikes, places to see and things to … Read more Havasupai – May 2018