FOSSIL SPRINGS – Rex’s Guide to Fossil Creek, Arizona


Checklist for FOSSIL CREEK, AZ 2018


  Haircut Week of travel
  Toe nails – trim 2 days before travel
  Key – spare To leave on the vehicle
  Key holder Contain a key to leave on vehicle in a known location to friends
  PERMIT – printed Print the day before travel and place in the vehicle
  Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and wipes Seal in a zip-lock bag and have in the vehicle (there are pit toilets at the parking areas)
  Grab bag Change of clothes, The Body Wipe by SHOWERPILL, hat, plastic bag for soiled clothes and shoes
  Cooler Frozen raspberry lemonade, CUTIES, watermelon cubes, water
  Playlist California Love (sing “California knows how party, yet Arizona brings the party!”)
  Hat ARIZONA HIKING amAZing snapback, SHELTA Osprey
  FROGG TOGGS Cooling Towel Original (life saver)
  Long-sleeve shirt with SPF (protect my arms from the sun, and insects – treat with Permethrin)
  Light-weight hiking pants THE NORTH FACE (protect my legs from brush/vine patch, and insects)
  Trail running shoes SALOMON Speedcross 4
  Socks – hiking SMARTWOOL, DARN TOUGH,
  HYDROBLU Water bottle with a built-in filter
  Water filter SAWYER Mini (small, low maintenance)
  Electrolyte powder mix DRIP DROP (prevent/reduce dehydration, cramping, heat illness)
  Sun block Prevent the burn
  Insect repellent The spiders always get me, as I go first
  Swimsuit O’NEILL Hyperfreak
  Water/OCR shoes I have tender feet (travertine will shred my water-logged feet) SALOMON Speedcross Pro 2
  Socks – water MUDGEAR crew, compression socks (very little water absorption)
  Goggles AQUASPHERE Seal 2.0 – To see the fishes and to see where I am going – Cool Room, Toilet Bowl
  Towel PACKTOWEL Ultralite
  Energy chews HONEY STINGERS – Cherry Blossom, CLIF SHOT BLOKS – Salted Watermelon, Mountain Berry
  Snacks Trail mix, fun-size SNICKERS, SOUR PATCH
  Camera SONY a9, RX100 IV, OLYMPUS TG-5, GoPro Hero 6
  Dome 50/50 (over/under shots)
  Camera lens filters CPL, ND3, ND6, ND10
  Camera lens step-up rings 67/82, 72/82, 77/82
  Tripod INDURO Carbon Fiber
  Flashlight COAST HX1 – charge battery the night prior to travel
  Inflatable pool float Pink Flamingo