Indian Maiden Falls – June 2018

Indian Maiden Falls is one of Arizona’s remote water holes.  It comes complete with a waterfall and cliffs from which to jump.  Throw some fish in for an added bonus.  For me, the journey was the trip, as by the time we made it to the Indian Maiden Falls most of our group took the time to relax and enjoy the scenery.  A couple friends jumped off the highest cliff – probably in the 20-feet realm.  The water was deep and clear, with a water temperature of 67F degrees and the air temperature in the shade of 97F degrees.


  • We chose a longer yet flatter route to make our way to the falls.  With the air temperature around 100F degrees, exposure to the heat was an issue, as 6 miles of the hike were exposed and far enough away from the creek that I could feel the temperature difference.
  • It was around 9 mile in and 8 miles out.  🙂  It took us 5+ hours in, and just under 5 hours out.  Due to the group dynamics (number of people, physical condition, experience level) we chose the flat and longer route over the shorter and steep route.


  • A hat and sunblock were essential.  I wore trail-running shoes that doubled as water shoes, although it is not necessary to get in the water, despite the four creek crossing in the first four miles.  I chose to swim through the narrows on the way in, as I wanted everyone to have this experience.  On the return hike, I circumvented the swim section of the narrows (a pool of water about 100 feet long and I do not know how deep).
  • I used Drip Drop Oral Rehydration System (powder mix) mixed in water to combat heat illness (for myself and others).  I also used a Frogg Togg (cooling towel).  And, I made use of the Sawyer Mini water filter.  These three items are literally life savers!
Indian Maiden Falls, West Clear Creak, waterfall, Arizona, AZ
Jumping into Summer fun!
Indian Maiden Falls
Indian Maiden Falls


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