The Crack – Wet Beaver Creek – May 2018

The weather was just right for a short hike (3.7 miles) to a fun water hole, The Crack.  The hike is basically a dirt road for the first mile.  There are some petroglyphs within feet of the trail.

The water was a bit chilly, yet refreshing at 61 F.   The water temperature did not dissuade us from jumping off the cliffs.  I hesitated to jump the crack.  Here go my excuses . . . my shin was hurting; I was holding an inflatable pool float (Fierce Jr., my alligator) with my right hand and that would prevent me from grabbing in the case of not making it; and I needed more energy.  Someone kindly offered to hand the pool float to me.  I accepted their offer and jumped.  Barely made it.  The person threw the pool float to me.

We jumped off the cliffs.  We relaxed.

The Crack, Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona, AZ, backflip, back flip
Joe flips over the Crack

Around noon it became busy.  My friends and I had experienced what we wanted – swimming and cliff jumping, so we left.

Highly recommended.

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