Spring Cleaning – The Toilet Bowl at Fossil Creek – May 2018

My favorite water playground, A.K.A. Fossil Creek or Fossil Springs.

My friends and I did some house keeping and then we played.

First order of business was to clean the Toilet Bowl.  Warning: The current in the Toilet Bowl is strong and can be dangerous.  The air bubbles in the water make it very difficult to see underwater in the Toilet Bowl.  Why would you want to see under water?  To find the exit.  I highly recommend not jumping into the Toilet Bowl.  I have had people tell me that they have been going to Fossil Creek and the dam area for over 20 years.  Well, I also caution about jumping into somewhere without checking the depth and obstacles.  There was a flash flood in February 2017.  Before the flood, the Toilet Bowl was about 8-9 feet deep.  Today, I stood in the middle of the Toilet Bowl, on a rock, and my head was above the water.  No, I am not a 10-foot-tall giant.  I am around 6-feet tall.  The same flash flood that left the logs in the Toilet Bowl also deposited several large rocks in the Toilet Bowl.  I will not be removing the rocks.

After cleaning the logs out of the Toilet Bowl, we took a break.  We went in the Secret Grotto and the Cool Room.  Part of our group left.  The remaining friends and I went exploring downstream.  Wow, what a few months can do to the waterscape.  This was my favorite experience of the day.  We found two underwater arches and swam through them.  After exploring Fossil Creek, we returned to the Blue Cove and played in there for a while.  The hike out was not too bad.  My friend tried my 40-pound pack, taking it part way up Skunk Hill.  The temperature was about 93 F when we hiked out around 4:30 PM.  Oh, the main spring was 70.3 F and the spring along the trail was about 70.7 F.

I always take water shoes and goggles with me to Fossil Creek.  The biggest advantage that Fossil Springs has over the other two of the Arizona Travertine Trifecta is that the water is much more clearer.  Swim with the fish.




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