The Confluence Channel, Arizona – March 2018

The Confluence Channel of Havasu Canyon is a favorite play destination.  I refer to the last section of Havasu Canyon as the Confluence Channel.  In this section of Havasu Canyon,  Havasu Creek is shallow (5 feet deep or less) before it flows into the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  The Confluence Narrows is where Havasu Canyon narrows to less than 10 feet wide before it joins the grandest of canyons, the Grand Canyon.

The water in the Confluence Channel is usually blue, or blue-green, with a water temperature ranging in the 60s.  The water temperature of the Colorado River is usually in the 50s and does warm up to the low 60s in the Summer.  Most people access the Confluence by rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.  I go here by way of Havasupai (permit from the Havasupai required).  It is about 8 miles from Mooney Falls to the Confluence.  See my post about Havasupai under ADVENTURES for photos, maps, and a FAQ of Havasupai.

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