Havasupai – April 2018

Waterfall playground extraordinaire!

Formalities: Hiked in, obtained permit wristbands, established camp.

Our Island Camp Spot

I like to check out Mooney Falls on the first day, usually early in the afternoon.  I have found that going to Mooney Falls on the first day, particularly with those who have not been to Havasupai, allows experiencing the down climb, and offers an opportunity to obtain photographs.  This helps to avoid delays the next morning when Beaver Falls or the Confluence is the destination.

We checked out Mooney Falls and Grotto Falls with the Stairway to Paradise.

Grotto Falls
The Stairway to Paradise at Grotto Falls

We opted to return to the Rope Swing and the Rope Swing Cave on another day, perhaps after Beaver Falls.


The second day we went to the Confluence of the Havasu Creek with the Colorado River.

The Confluence of Havasu Creek with the Colorado River

This is the point where the Havasu Canyon meets the Grand Canyon.  We started early in order to be at the Confluence when the sun would be illuminating the Narrows of the Confluence Channel.

The Confluence Channel

The Confluence is a magical place.  We had the place to ourselves for a while before the rafters arrived.  There were hundreds of fish in the blue-green waters of Havasu Creek, particularly at the confluence with the green Colorado River.  When there is flooding/run off up river on the Colorado River it turns brown.  Either way, brown or green, the mixing of the waters is spectacular.  We played in the Confluence Channel for about two hours.

The hike out from the Confluence can be exhausting, as the temperature was in the mid-90s, in April, and there is little shade for the first two miles or so from the Colorado River.  The heat can be suffocating as the canyon walls are over 1,000 feet high.

I recommend taking a water filter and a cooling towel, such as a Frogg Togg, and soaking the cooling towel in water and then using the towel around the back of the neck and cheeks to cool off.  Sunblock, a hat, and chapstick are also essential for me.


On the third day we went to Beaver Falls and Last Falls.

Beaver Falls Havasupai
Beaver Falls
Last Falls Havasupai
Last Falls

We explored and played.  We “found” Kathy’s Grotto (a cave under a travertine dam – more spacious than the Green Room of Beaver Falls).

We showered at Grotto Falls; went up the Stairway to Paradise, did the Rope Swing of Mooney Falls, and got a dozen or so friends in the Rope Swing Cave.  Some of my friends like this behind-a-waterfall cave the best.

Mooney Falls Rope Swing Cave Havasupai
The Rope Swing Cave

We went to Havasu Falls and played, stopped by the Upper Pool, the Lazy River, and swam and played at Hidden Falls.  Some of our group went up the Terraces and the remainder went on the old trail by Little Navajo Falls on our way to Fifty-foot Falls.  We were able to enter the Blue Room and explore Never Never Land of Fifty-foot Falls.

Three days in Havasupai was not enough.  I think I will return.

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